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Frontend Developer

Местоположение и тип занятости

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Компания создает популярные цифровые продукты и программное обеспечение для международного сообщества музыкантов.

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

MuseClass is one of the WSM Group creations, a leader in the music industry that develops products with professional musicians and IT specialists. For example, one of our main products is Ultimate Guitar.

We believe that music is good for the world and it helps people. Our global goal is to improve the quality of life of musicians by creating valuable and user-friendly products.

MuseClass provides a single, intuitive tool for assessing each student's progress; MuseClass makes learning faster and easier no matter whether teachers assign printed or digital notes or grade assignments with video, audio, in person, or digitally.

MuseClass is a startup within the company without startup's disadvantages. We are outperforming the US music education market. And to build a killer product, we are looking for a Fronted developer.

We have a modern stack: SPA in React and Typescript with Redux for state management (we use redux-toolkit).

There is an opportunity to make architectural and product decisions, participate in the product's public launch and develop our small design system.

We use a lot of cool stuff: Service Workers for cache management and complex data processing. We use WebAssembly for decoding audio and our native formats on the client-side, and so much more.

You will like it here if:

  • You are not afraid of being the only front-end developer in the team, and you are ready to take responsibility;
  • You like the spirit of a startup and want to influence the product directly and take part in building a strategy;
  • You want to create entirely new tools and services for musicians;
  • You love not only to create new things but also to perfect existing solutions;
  • You are interested in working in a strong and very ambitious team.

What is useful to consider:

  • Our audience is mainly from the USA and Europe. There are also colleagues in these countries we communicate with now and then. For comfortable working, the knowledge of English should be at least of Intermediate level.
  • You work independently. If there is not enough information in your work, you can ask questions by yourself, review the info from analytics, find the right people to understand the problem better, and create a good solution.
  • We trust each other's opinions, but it is important to justify each decision.

Experience in music is a great bonus. If you know how to play a musical instrument and understand the dreams and pains of an ordinary musician right from the start, this will speed up our work.

What we offer is:

  • Music products, which are developed by professional musicians and IT - evangelists.
  • Leaders in the industry: more than 279 million music lovers use our service lines, such as Ultimate Guitare and MuseScore, yearly.
  • International remote team: You will be involved in joint projects leading by your colleagues from Russia, the US, Great Britain, and other countries.
  • Each team member can contribute to making decisions directly.
  • Variability of the technological stack which manifests from an open-source product and mobile applications to developing new projects as part of educational technologies.
  • Training fees, participation in conferences, and meet-ups.