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Senior Software Engineer (NodeJS)


от 5500 $

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Условия работы

Senior Software Engineer (Node) @ Source Labs LLC

Remote - Contract US-based Client/Project

Job Brief:

You will join a small, agile, fast-paced and highly technical team to build the next generation SaaS product in GovTech. You will get a chance to work side by side with numerous highly experienced and highly technical engineers to design and implement new cutting-edge solutions. We're a highly functional, high performance team that is looking for a motivated self-starter individual that likes to tackle challenging problems.


  • Write clean, maintainable, efficient and well-tested code
  • Follow best practices (Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Agile / Scrum, Lean Software Development, good programming paradigms, etc.)

  • Drive continuous adoption and integration of relevant new technologies


  • Significant work experience in software development and knowledge of modern technologies

  • Significant work experience in server-side JavaScript/Node environment (7+ years)

  • Experience with back-end JavaScript frameworks, such as NestJS, Feathers, Habi or Koa

  • Experience with front-end JavaScript frameworks (With at least one of the following: React, Angular, or Ember)

  • Solid understanding of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Passion for writing elegant, simple, clean, efficient and well-tested code

  • Good knowledge of relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.)

  • Good knowledge of common background processing tools like Redis, and RabbitMQ

  • Experience working on high-traffic big data applications

  • Experience with Amazon AWS and some DevOps responsibilities

  • Experience building and designing APIs

  • Fluency in English and excellent communication skills

  • Analytical mind with problem-solving aptitude

  • Ability to work independently

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • BSc / BA in Computer Science or a related degree