Machine Learning specialist

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Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет

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Условия работы

A stealth-mode startup seeks an ML specialist to join their remote team.

Our partner company is working on a project that applies ML algorithms to a universal human problem. For this role, we don’t necessarily need a seasoned ML expert. It’s more important to demonstrate a deep understanding of the relationships between math and CS, and to convince us you’re capable of applying that knowledge in novel ways. ML skills can be learned. It’s much harder to teach someone to think algorithmically.

With its emphasis on machine learning, this startup is the perfect place to hone your knowledge of leading-edge technologies. You’ll pick up talents for research, analysis, and algorithm development that you could use to found your own company one day, and you’ll be encouraged to take initiative and propose your own ideas. Research is a crucial component of this role, as you’ll need to keep up on the latest science to discover and adapt new methods.

All that and no commute, either. Ever wondered what you could accomplish with two more hours in your day? We’re excited to find out — apply now.

You will:

  1. Analyze data
  2. Build Machine Learning algorithms
  3. Come up with new strategies to improve the platform
  4. Research scientific papers to discover new approaches
  5. Experiment with those methods, and integrate them if they work
  6. Work on personalized recommendations, speech-to-text, and text-to speech features


  1. Deep knowledge of abstract math and its applications in CS
  2. Familiarity with ML algorithms, and ability to implement them using scikit-learn
  3. Intermediate Python programming skills
  4. Basic statistics knowledge
  5. Basic knowledge of natural language processing
  6. Excellent communication skills
  7. Ability to handle high-pressure situations calmly and methodically
  8. Proficiency in written and spoken English

Nice to haves:

  1. Experience with R, Octave, and/or Matlab
  2. Experience with Weka, Knime, Scikit-learn (Python), MLlib (Spark), caret (R), tensorflow, and/or keras
  3. Experience with SQL, postgres, mongodb, and/or elasticsearch
  4. Experience with nltk and/or StanfordCoreNLP

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