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Product Manager


от 130 000 до 260 000 ₽

Местоположение и тип занятости

МоскваПолный рабочий день


Описание вакансии

Условия работы

LATOKEN is a top digital assets exchange and the largest primary market for startups' digital equity and utility tokens (accordingly to Inwara report) with 140+ Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). Our mission is to connect investors with entrepreneurs to build the future.

We are looking for Product Managers for product units:

- Primary market/IEOs (startups and private equity book building and crowdfunding)
- Futures and Derivatives markets (HFT traders)
- Prime Brokerage and OTC (Institutional Clients)

- Payments and Remittances Wallet
- Corporate and Merchants Accounts

The product management will:

  • Know the frontiers of user experience in the market and make clear to the team where we can deliver 10x higher value for the client
  • Understand the clients' needs (testing, interviewing, selling)
  • Make the product KPIs real-time transparent and well-analyzed on a weekly basis
  • Ensure weekly DEMO delivery of priority features
  • Propel product team performance by building culture, processes and hiring the right people, laying off laggards
  • Eliminate obstacles and friction (do most of UI/UX Figma yourself to avoid unnecessary iterations with less knowledgable designers)
  • Design daily retention life-in cycle: triggers-craving-routine-reward

The ideal candidate:

  • Definitely has a background in development or UI/UX or crypto trading or capital markets
  • Probably worked 2+years in high pace international environment or has a degree in top 30 international university
  • Definitely has outstanding problem solving and critical reasoning skills (700 GMAT level / won city level olympiad)
  • Probably leverage principal-agent, information asymmetry, nash equilibrium models and neuroscience to design social machines
  • Definitely has read Ben Horowitz or Ray Dalio or Jeff Sutherland
  • Likely to think that the work-life balance concept is invented for downshifting which is a form of socially acceptable suicide
  • Definitely puts interest of clients first, loyal, never backtalk, radically openminded and transparent
  • Knows that if culture or behavior of a group can be changed to generate higher value, this value can be used to change the behavior via investments, change in market share, election or war (hopefully, the lastest is in the past)

Why join:

  • Opportunity to build the new transborder financial system without banks and brokers
  • Hardworking team, dedicated to scalable clients' success
  • Generous bonuses and stock bonuses, opportunity to grow to a co-founder
  • Top 80 by token capitalization in the world

Feel a great fit - apply now

Keywords: startup, venture, blockchain, brokerage, equity crowdfunding, fundraising, stock options, investment banking, scrum, agile
стартапы, продакт менеджер, инвестиции, фьючерсы, деривативы, трейдинг, биржа, прайм брокер, скрам