Front-End Programming Tutor


от 3100 до 3300 $

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Global online coding bootcamp based in France

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

For our new evening courses in the United States of America, we are seeking a qualified and educated tutor for back-end stacks. Our session will start the 1st of April 2020.

Main mission:

- Deliver 3W Academy software engineering training

Specific missions and activities:

- Organizing and facilitating information meetings

- Teaching technologies according to the 3W Academy curriculum and teaching method.

- Managing and supervising a class

- Ensuring that the program runs on time

- Guiding students towards the success of the final examination

Qualifications required for the position


- An intermediate diploma and 2 years of programming teaching are required

- Master the following technologies:



➔ WordPress

➔ React Native & React.js

Soft skills:

- Pedagogical and Communication Skills

- Patience

- Dynamics

- Good Listener

- Good Observer

- charismatic

Teaching skills:

- Adapting teaching to different audiences

- Cultivating learners' interest and curiosity

- Managing different levels of an heterogeneous class

- Encouraging, reassuring, valuing to maintain learners' motivation

Our remote courses are scheduled for the evening to let our student continue their professional life while studying computer science.

Average hours of teaching per week (night courses in the US time zone): 11.5 hours


From Tuesday to Thursday

 New-York Time (EST): 6pm - 10:20 pm

 Moscow Time: 02am - 6:20 am

Vladivostock Time: 9 am- 1 pm


 New-York Time (EST): 10am - 6pm

Moscow Time: 6pm - 2 am 

Vladivostock Time: 1 am-9 am 

Дополнительные инструкции

Please send us your resume in english.