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Lead/Senior JavaScript Developer (React)

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We are looking for an experienced top-notch JavaScript Developer to grow with our dev team. As a React.js Developer, you will be involved from conception to completion with projects that are technologically sound and aesthetically impressive.

Mikhail, Senior DevOps Software Engineer: “We provide flexible solution based on cloud-independent modules (e.g. CD/CI, monitoring, code review, autoscaled environment etc.) to cover different parts of DevOps processes in Cloud. The modules are implement the DevOps best practices. Customer can select modules to meet their business goals.”

Project Team:

1 Project Manager, 1 Team Lead, 3 DevOps.


  • Knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals, ES6;

  • Proven experience in HTML;.

  • Good Knowledge of React Basics. Architecture of react. React main principles;

  • Knowledge of higher order components. Render props. Hooks;

  • App architecture based on Flux/Redux or other flows. Ecosystem of the flow (libraries to be used);

  • Routing;

  • Auth;

  • Knowledge of Async (http). In scope of redux, redux-observable, redux-saga, mobx or others.

  • Error handling.

  • Forms.

  • Performance optimisations in react apps.

  • Styling react apps. Styled components, JSS, Material UI or others.

  • Testing. Jest, Enzyme.

  • Git, npm, Webpack.

Nice to have:

  • Familiarity with TypeScript;

  • Knowledge of server side rendering;

  • A sense of value of web standards, accessibility, and user experience;

  • Technical Leadership and excellent communication skills;

  • Strong organizational skills.

English level:



  • Front-end development of the working project.

  • Writing new features, bug fixing, refactoring, developing unit tests, writing documentation;

  • Take part in all technical discussions;

  • Analyse, gather and clarify requirements of your area;

  • Perform code review;

  • Constantly work on improving your level of skills and qualifications;

  • Work as a team member and provide technical leadership on the project;

  • Bring energy and passion to your work day in and day out. Be strategic and tactical.

We offer:

• timely pay;

• Social perks;

• Sick pay, vacations;

• Flexible work schedule;

• Friendly environment;