C++ developer [релокация в Берлин]


от 75 000 до 120 000 €

Местоположение и тип занятости

Полный рабочий деньМожно удаленно


Распределённая команда разработчиков

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

О чём эта позиция? Их несколько. Подбираем на долгоиграющие проекты разработчиков уровня middle+ / senior на релокацию в Берлин, Германию. Удалённый вариант работы не рассматривается. Оплата 75.000-120.000€ в год gross, до вычета налогов, как подсчитать таковые и конечный доход см. в FAQ.txt - https://www.sendspace.com/file/xuqd4l Есть ссылка на калькулятор. Там же ответы на вопросы про мед. страховку, переезд с семьёй и т.п.

Коротко о компании:

Работают в сфере консалтинга, делают дополнения к продуктам Microsoft, как то Excel и PowerPoint.

We are mainly looking for C++ developers at the moment. Please find below some information in regards to the position, the company, the way we prefer to work with headhunters or recruiting agents, the recruitment process and our terms of business, as well as the next steps to take if you would like to move forward in working with us. Please understand that before signing any agreement we cannot proceed with any candidate you introduce us.

Location: A beautiful office in the middle of Berlin
Language: fluency in English is mandatory, German is a plus
Years of experience: entry level or senior
Studies: usually computer science but not only
Full-time position in Berlin, no remote or freelance work
Positions to fill: at least 4 to 10 full-time developers
Salary: 75000-120000 € gross per year, after the 1st years everybody gets 120000 yearly
They would work in a team of 20 developers directly with the CTO
We will support with the relocation and visa process if needed
Relevant questions: Do you believe in beauty when it comes to programming? Do you have a vivid interest in elegant algorithms? Are you fluent in C++?

This is a kind of company developers truly like. In fact, of our now 20 full-time developers, in 15 years of think-cell, only one ever quit his job. We are highly profitable, so we can give you the time and resources to write beautiful code. There are no meetings. All management (the two co-founders) are computer science PhDs, so no demands from people who don’t understand the trade. We are working on revolutionizing the way presentations are made, reinventing the user interface and largely automating the slide layout. At the same time, we integrate this product into Microsoft Office, which means reverse-engineering and disassembling the innards of Microsoft’s code. And we do this all based on our very large, home-grown C++ library, which we have the liberty to perfect along with the rest of our code. We are is the only German company funding a C++ ISO committee delegation, so there is a good chance that components we invent will find their way into the standard.

Дополнительные инструкции

About the recruitment process
• All candidates have to do a programming test to show their abilities as C++ developers, so you don’t need to do any pre-screening or background check
• Their skills (instead of their background in experience or education) is what takes them to the next step in our recruitment process
• The test has to be completed from a location of the candidate’s choice within a 9 hour timeframe; the test only takes 3-4 hours to complete but given the difficulty of the test we give everyone 9 hours
• All candidates receive a link to their personal recruiting website, where they will be able to start the test manually whenever they choose.

Тестовое задание не оплачивается.

Если предложение кажется вам интересным, жду ваше сообщение в телеграмм @ramanaph (можно skype rama-naph) с данной информацией:

1. Ваше резюме на английском в .pdf.
2. Почтовый ящик и skype. Клиент будет связываться по этим каналам.
3. Логин в telegram - там, в основном, ведём общение между нами и вами.

* Если процесс не пойдёт с данной позицией, то ещё останется шанс в будущем по сотрудничать на предмет других, схожих по духу в Берлине / Штутгарте.