Embedded Blockchain Developer

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Mobile identity and private key storage solutions

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

Specific Responsibilities:

- Work back-to-back with top-qualified Embedded security team, leveraging senior background in leading worldwide payment solutions & certifying laboratories

- Developing from scratch secure architectural blockchain application solution and realization in software on bare metal

- Modeling and evaluating proposed solutions within available environments

- Participate in product design, development, verification, troubleshooting, and delivery of high quality embedded firmware

- Lead the blockchain team, develop communication with key suppliers on support and joint development.

- Organize release documentation for all phases of product development

- Able to work independently


- Ability to show comprehensive technical competences from low-level cryptography routine through applied crypto frameworks to high-level blockchain and DLT applications

- Strong knowledge of C and C++ programming methodologies, compilers, State flow diagrams, introducing Structure Software Development Lifecycle

- Being familiar with the following terms: Java Card OS, GlobalPlatform, Defensive programming, Side-channel attacks,  Time & power analysis

- Exceptional communication skills, strong commitment, and leadership to build the product and the blockchain team around

We offer:

- Competitive salary

- Flexible scheduling & remote acceptance

- Modern and spacious offices located in the city center and green area of south-west

- Bonuses according to results and deliverables