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Ruby on Rails developer


от 90 000 до 200 000 ₽


БэкендRuby on RailsCSSHTMLGitPostgreSQLJavaScript

Местоположение и тип занятости

Неполный рабочий деньМожно удаленно


We do things differently and not only thanks to we achieve impressive results.

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

Do you like Ruby on Rails? Join us in development of projects for our clients!

Who we are?

Group of excited developers founded in Prague (Czech Republic) but work remotely from many places around the world. Some of us are based in Kaluga (Russia) where we are would like to grow.

What we do?

We have fullstack JavaScript (Node.js+React.js) and Ruby on Rails projects.

In Node.js, we focus on innovative and technically demanding applications. Cryptocurrencies, visualization, data processing, API, social networks. 

In Ruby on Rails, we have a portfolio of client's websites with our custom CSM system.

Currently we need your help with these RoR applications, but if you are interested also in working with the JS projects, you have the opportunity! 

What are you gonna meet with?

With group of excited developers who definitely don't want to fall behind.


End with waking up according to your boss, work at weekends or during a night or remotely. It's just about the agreement.

Amount of work

You decide how much work you can handle. Everything is about the mutual agreement so it doesn't matter if you work 80 or 200 hours in month.

Money and reward

Beside generous income we offer fair share of the projects. If we grow, you grow too.

We are looking forward to working with you!