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Machine Learning Engineer (Deep Learning, NLP)


от 5000 $

Местоположение и тип занятости

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Описание вакансии

Условия работы

Who we are:


Whisk is fast-growing company with the objective to "understand" food (recipes, products) and user preferences in order to provide intelligent insights and recommendations. Over several years we have been building knowledge and  technology in that area, with great help of Machine Learning.

We are globally distributed and our team lives across the world in different locations – we all work together remotely. Living in a place that makes us happy is important to us.

We recently joined Samsung NEXT - the innovation division of Samsung, which allows us to accelerate our development and hire new talented people

We’re looking for people who get as excited about tech and our products as we do!

What you’ll do:

  • Implement latest state-of-the-art NN architectures for sequence labeling and text classification tasks. Evaluate them against current models.
  • Make models production-ready for running in real-time with low-latency requirements
  • Building recommender systems
  • Make models production-ready for running in real-time with low latency requirements
  • build models working across set of languages


  • You have good expertise in NLP domain
  • You have understanding of how to run models in production (real-time component)
  • You have practical experience writing code and comfortable with Python/Jupyter enviroments
  • You are very familiar with Pandas, NumPy, sklearn
  • You worked with one of popular Deep Learning frameworks, ideally PyTorch/Caffe2, but also good if TensorFlow, Keras, MxNet, Gluon
  • High spoken level of English is a must


  • Great data and results visualisation skills
  • Building production-ready recommender systems
  • Experience with Scala
  • -------------



    Benefits of working with us:


    1. Direct impact on end product

    We encourage people to get energy and motivation from end product, which is a result of their work, rather than beauty and shortness of code.

    2. English language

    Practice shows that you will inevitably improve your level of English by working with us and using it in (nearly) all internal communication

    3. Working with modern technology

    We love all modern tech. ...As long as it keeps productive and easy enough for onboard new people.

    4. Awareness of company strategy

    All employees are free to join to our roadmap meeting and speak freely, which makes everybody aware about how their work contributes to company success.

    5. Zero bureaucracy

    It is in everybody's interest to reduce time from good ideas and interesting project to the point when we launch them. That's why we optimised our flows for efficient collaboration between departments: business, design, tech

    6. Company retreats

    Once or twice a year we decide on location where we gonna go as a team and spend week working and exploring new places together. We had great experience in Budapest and Prague. You will be more than welcome to join us.