Senior Backend Developer (PHP, Node.js)


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Описание вакансии

Условия работы

Наша команда ищет талантливого бэкэнд программиста. Большая часть работы будет вестись вместе с нашим Нью Йоркским офисом, поэтому хорошее знание английского обязательно.


  • Platform and language
    • Must have advanced knowledge of PHP, Node.js, JavaScript.
    • Must have advanced knowledge of databases (including MySQL and MongoDB)
  • Plan and build project architectures
    • Need to be able to understand structure of each project and help team analyze and plan it
  • Plan timelines
    • Understand how long certain processes will take even if they are research and discovery in nature
  • Coding
    • Design and develop backend and databases, underlying APIs across a number of programming languages with focus on PHP and Node.js.


  • Provide options
    • Mark of a good senior developer is that they never say "that's impossible" or "we'd never do that." Instead, they find options and can communicate them to everyone in the company. In difficult cases they explain the difficulties and are open to alternatives.
  • Focus on client
    • Lead developer needs to understand that client needs are paramount and we need to do everything to make sure clients are happy
  • Understanding the big picture and connecting business requirements with activities
    • Seeing how every project affects the company overall
    • Being able to optimize and improve project work for the good of the company
  • Be an example of work ethic
    • Senior developer must be an example for the rest of the team in terms of:
      • Working hard
      • Working efficiently
      • Not being afraid of challenging tasks
  • Live and learn
    • Needs to understand that constant learning is a must. Needs to spend time improving his skills and learning new ones.