Senior IT Pr⁢oject Manager

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Решение задач в области информационных технологий

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Условия работы


  • Higher education in IT or Computer Science;
  • 4+ years of project management experience working with international customers (web and mobile app development projects);
  • 2+ years of software development experience or QA experience or experience in business and\or system analysis;
  • Solid understanding of web technology, mobile applications, UX/UI and quality assurance principles;
  • Strong understanding of and applied experience with project management methodologies (Kanban, Scrum, Waterfall), pricing models (Fixed Price, T&M, etc.), SDLC;
  • Fluent English; excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • High analytical skills, the ability to structure scattered information, quickly plunge in business processes, and understand technical documentation;
  • Ability to effectively organize a team, to set tasks clearly and to achieve their fulfilment in projects with the scope of 1500 hours of development per month and more;
  • Expertise in focusing the project team on achieving the result, working with the motivation/inspiration to the team;
  • Good team player, strong interpersonal and leadership skills, strong problem solver;
  • Highly motivated and attentive, proactive, results-oriented personality, the ability to multi-task, works under pressure and meet aggressive deadlines.

Additional qualifications:

  • Thorough theoretical knowledge of project management foundations and professional certificates;
  • Impatience for chaos and continuous drive to improve the quality of the processes;
  • Experience with product development teams, freelancers and recruitment.


  • Web and mobile development project management;
  • Communication with a client to learn their expectations/requirements, deadlines, budgets, presenting the results to client; settling critical moments with clients;
  • Approval of architectural and technical solutions with team leads and the team;
  • Managing project’s schedule taking into consideration risks, priorities and existing resources, overseeing project’s roadmap; risk management;
  • Task assignment, progress and quality control, arranging and coordinating team members and outsourced personnel;
  • Documentation maintenance and controlling for fulfilment of obligations before the client; customer satisfaction management;
  • Coordination with company’s higher management, reporting.


In our office you will find:

  • Big and friendly team of professionals ready to help at any moment;
  • Personal and professional growth fostering (corporate library, workshops, seminars, courses etc.);
  • Spacious kitchen with everything you need (free tea, coffee and treats);
  • Office parties and hobby groups among coworkers (soccer, strike ball, tennis, cycling club, go, quiz, english club and many, many others);
  • Conveniently located office - 5 minutes from Lenina square metro station;
  • Official employment
  • Working hours: 5/2 from 10 to 19
  • Pull-up bar