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Senior Web Developer


от 104 000 до 208 000 ₽

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Условия работы

Join an exciting and fast-growing startup building web applications and cloud services for Banking, Insurance and Real Estate. We are looking for Senior Web Developer to join our team and work on the latest Web and Cloud based technologies. The candidate must have strong software development knowledge, excellent communication and collaboration skills, and be motivated to learn and adapt fast in a small team environment. Our team is using the latest Microsoft Azure technologies in the cloud and Angular and TypeScript for the Web client. A technical degree in computer science or related field is a must. Knowledge of latest Web development paradigms, frameworks and tools is required.

All candidates are subject to a “Microsoft Redmond style” interview process and will be given a trial problem to code and release to us for evaluation.

All candidates can work remotely from their own premises given the fact that they have fast internet access, a powerful workstation running windows 10 and enough bandwidth to connect over skype for regular everyday status calls. The individual needs to be self-motivated and willing to solve difficult but very exciting problems.

Required Skills:

JavaScript - 5+ years

HTML5/CSS3 - 3+ years

AngularJS - 3+ years

TypeScript - 2+ years

UI Bootstrap – 1+ years

Optional Skills:

Azure/Cloud - 1+ years

C# - 5+ years

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