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Senior software developer for the real-time financial multi service system

Местоположение и тип занятости

Санкт-ПетербургПолный рабочий день


Описание вакансии

Условия работы

Fastdev is a Swedish IT development company founded in 2007. Today we have over 130 programmers located in Izhevsk, Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, and we keep growing rapidly.

We are now looking for a Senior software developer for the real-time financial multi service system for one of our customers in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Current stack is Java, Golang, C++, ES6. Previous language experience matters but is not a key factor.

  • Key factors are problem-solving skills, quality awareness, productivity, creativity and personal drive.
  • Object oriented language experience is a must and functional language experience is meritable.
  • A strong mathematical education is very desirable, but not mandatory.
  • Good English is more or less a requirement since all communications are done in English.
  • Good communication skills, managerial and recruiting experience as an addition is a plus and the point to consider the position of a lead engineer.

Current architecture: SOA, 20 modules with REST-like interface. Services are mixed in the implementation language: Java, Go-lang, C++.

Existing code is covered with automated tests (unit and integration), code coverage is around 80%.

Each service uses its own database (if needed), currently it's Postgres, but others like Oracle, MongoDB and MySql can be considered. More buzzwords: Ubuntu 16.04, github, Jenkins, Puppet and Docker. Service set is maintained per customer basis: 1 customer - 1 installation mainly for security reasons. Each customer has avg 10-20 of users with a maximum of 200 users.

Working conditions:

  • High Salary (determined by experience and results)
  • Every quarter 15% of the Fastdev´s profit is distributed among all employees in proportion to the total number of years in the company
  • Eight-hour working day
  • Compensation for sports
  • Free English and Swedish coursess with a native speaker
  • Good opportunities for professional growth and career development