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Developer with ReactJS knowledge



Местоположение и тип занятости

ЕкатеринбургПолный рабочий день


Описание вакансии

Условия работы

Fastdev is a Swedish IT development company founded in 2007 with the goal to deliver world class software development. Today we have over 100 programmers located in Izhevsk, Ekaterinburg, St Petersburg,Stockholm, Goteborg, Harrogate (England) and we keep growing rapidly.

We are now looking for an experienced developer with ReactJS knowledge for one of our customers in Leipzig, Germany.

Our customer is expanding heavily and is around 150 people in Sweden, there are offices in 5 European countries.

We’re looking for a frontend-focused developer who is passionate about building web applications with cutting edge technologies.

Customer offers a workplace where you will be working in a small team, usually around five people, including developers, a designer and a product owner. All teams have their own areas of responsibility but are working together towards a common goal and an overall vision for the whole product team.

The teams use the Scrum methodology, aiming to do pair or mob programming every day. Even though teams are separated, they share knowledge and interests in cross-team meetings, internal conferences and lunch presentations.

Software developer with ReactJS knowledge (Germany)

The stack

  • React, Bootstrap, Sass
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MongoDB, Postgres
  • Heroku
  • Cloudinary, Semaphore
  • Karma, Mocha, Chai
  • Some of the tools we use
  • Trello, Slack, Screenhero
  • Sketch, InVision, Marvel
  • Code Climate
  • Keen, New Relic, Optimizely, Google Analytics

… and more

What do we expect from you?

  • Customer takes pride in what they do and expect you to do the same, creating high quality code and staying on top of trends in the frontend community. You’ve got a good eye for detail and design, and you work proactively to find innovative solutions and developments. You’re not afraid to take initiative and you’re hungry to learn more.

Working conditions:

  • Salary (determined by experience and results)
  • Fastdev covers apartment and local transport
  • Fastdev covers visas, tickets, work permit and other costs tied to travelling to and working in Sweden
  • Eight hour working day
  • Compensation for travelling home to Russia
  • Good opportunities for professional growth