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iOS Developer, Zvooq



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Условия работы

Zvooq is looking for someone to help strengthen its mobile-first mentality. Join our mobile development team and help dictate the future of music in Russia and beyond.

About you

You believe in predicting the future by inventing it. You’ve previously developed applications and are comfortable with the following:

  • Objective-C && plain old C
  • Foundation
  • UIKit obviously
  • Core Graphics, Core Text
  • Core Animation
  • Core Data
  • Instruments
  • UIWebView (basic understanding of HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Multithreading/Blocks/GCD/NSOperationQueue
  • Speak some English & Klingon (Klingon optional)


  • You know how to write fast and responsive interfaces.
  • Instead of watching Big Bang Theory, you check out reports of WWDC.
  • You know who this dude is :-)
  • You know what target-action, delegates, and NSNotificationCenter do, and when to use which.

Most of all, you have vision, you’re flexible and ready to join hands and run towards the future with us.

What you’ll be doing

You’ll be collaborating with our team of designers, developers and engineers, to build new groundbreaking applications that target massive audiences. Developers have a high degree of autonomy, meaning you’ll be able to make important development decisions by yourself. Zvooq has a radical vision for the future of music, and you’ll be responsible for building and maintaining its applications together with other members of our mobile team.

About Zvooq

Zvooq is a music service which immerses people in an addictive music experience, shaped by their connections to friends, artists and labels. We have great relations with labels and work together with them to offer people the best possible service. You can check it out at zvooq.com and by finding our first app ‘Fonoteka’ in the App Store.

About Dream industries

Dream Industries is based in Moscow’s Central Telegraph building on Tverskaya and creates technology that empowers people to spread knowledge and culture. Take a virtual tour and check #di_y on instagram or visit dreamindustries.co

Bookmate is our social reading technology that lets people store all their books in the cloud and sync them across any devices.

Zvooq is an online and mobile music service that immerses people in a listening and discovery experience shaped by their connections to friends, artists and labels.

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