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Back-end developer - Ruby on Rails


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What We Offer

Before getting right to our open position let us tell you a few words about what you will get while working with us:

  • Competitive salary and social benefits.
  • Great team to work with. To be honest, we do not limit ourselves to work only: we have lots of mutual hobbies and sports and hope you’ll bring a new one to our team.
  • Ambitious goals. Most of our projects aim to solve big, important and interesting problems.
  • Continuous improvement of your skills, including attendance of various conferences, expos and courses.
  • Good coffee, great tea and amazing food. One of our teammates is a cooking-enthusiast, so most of the week we don’t even have to leave the office to taste something new. And as an after-work option we even have tap-beer in the office.
  • One-of-a-kind workplace. Have you ever worked in a century old mansion, that used to be a bordello? Now you have a chance. It still has some reminders of its past like big squeaky stairs, soundproof doors covered in plush fabric, industrial kitchen and a huge cellar full of spooky secrets. We even have a couple of ghosts here, but they are quite friendly.

We are looking for a competent back-end developer to work on challenging and high-quality international projects.


  • not less than 3 years of experience in developing complex web applications
  • professional knowledge of Ruby-on-Rails
  • knowledge of MySQL or PostgreSQL; experience writing complex SQL queries;
  • basic knowledge of HTML5, JS, CSS
  • experience of using Git
  • strong experience in writing quality code
  • experience following agile methodologies like Scrum including the use of unit tests and TDD
  • fluent english, both written and spoken
  • be an active, pro-active, and creative member of the team


  • experience in designing hi-load systems
  • knowledge of russian language will be a plus, but is not required

Our office is located in Prague and we prefer live discussions and collaboration, but we can consider the option of a full-time remote work. In this case, remote employees are required to visit our headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic for a week every 2-3 months.

Дополнительные инструкции

Please send us your cover letter and resume clearly indicating your qualifications and the position title “Back-end developer” to info@stackinter.com