Javed B.

JavaScript Developer · Бэкенд · Фронтенд · Старший (Senior)
От 3500 $ · Не ищу работу
Опыт работы: 5 лет
Регистрация: 06.06.2017
Последний визит: 4 дня назад
Местоположение: Россия, Москва
Профессиональные навыки: JavaScript · Git · Node.js · GraphQL · ReactJS · MongoDB · ExpressJS · Apollo · PostgreSQL · Python
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Self-taught javascript developer with more than 3 years of frontend experience, with prime focus on mid-size projects. Implemented an advertising inventory system and helped increase the revenue by 20%.

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Опыт работы

  • Мы ждем людей, которые хотят воплощать и развивать масштабные проекты
    Москва · Более 5000 сотрудников
    Frontend Developer
    Июль 2020 — По настоящее время (7 месяцев)
  • Мы занимаемся собственной продуктовой разработкой - рекламные сети, игровые платформы и проекты и мобильные приложения
    Москва · От 100 до 1000 сотрудников
    Frontend Developer
    Апрель 2020 — Октябрь 2020 (7 месяцев)

    Company Profile:
    International sports betting website

    Contract work

    Key Project:
    Single project, implemented a react app to be used as a widget on an international betting website for streaming live sport events as animations.

    Tech Stack:

    Javascript, react,react-router, xstate, gsap, i18n

    Key Achievements:
    - Scrapped the data required for developing the widget
    - Reverse engineered client-side code from similar applications
    - Implemented event-oriented architecture for showing sporting animations

  • CoreSpirit
    Full Stack Developer (Frontend Heavy)
    Декабрь 2019 — Февраль 2020 (3 месяца)

    Company Profile:
    A long-time wordpress blog with more than 100,000 monthly visits, pivoted to be an alternative health medicine startup, having approximately 50 employees.


    Contract work which included analysis and performance optimizations. Worked with a team of 5 developers.

    Key Project:

    A publishing platform connecting alternative medicine practitioners with clients in the English-speaking world. Had three parts, backoffice for content moderation, personal cabinet of authors and main site for viewing content.

    Tech Stack:

    Javascript, typescript, react, redux, razzle,react-router, webpack, postgreSQL, sequelize, express.

    Key Achievements:

    - Implemented server-side rendering, decreasing the time for first paint by 20%.
    - Decreased image assets delivery by using CDN.
    - Implemented caching and data reuse.

  • Один из лидеров российской индустрии медиа и развлечений
    Москва · От 1000 до 5000 сотрудников
    Frontend Developer
    Июль 2018 — Декабрь 2019 (1 год и 6 месяцев)

    Company Profile:
    Rambler is a full-cycle digital media company, having a workforce of more than 2500 employees and nearly 50 publishing platforms.


    Participated in 3 projects with teams of 3 to 7 developers. Mentored 3 junior developers, along with code review.

    Key Projects:

    - Advertising management system, “Octopus” (https://octo.rambler.ru).
    - Potok (https://potok.smbn.ru), One-click client generation platform for SMEs.
    - CAPIRS, a vanilla typescript client-side library for showing ad banners and collecting ad metrics.

    Tech Stack:

    Javascript, typescript, react, redux, react-jsonschema-form, react-router, recharts, webpack, inversify.

    Key Achievements:

    - Extended react-jsonschema-form library to be able to use form groups and custom widgets.
    - Refactored a large codebase resulting in 30% decrease in production builds.
    - Worked with junior developers to make them self-reliant.
    - With the metrics and ML’s team assistance increased the CTR on ad banners and revenue generation.

  • Платформа вовлечения аудитории
    Москва · От 10 до 100 сотрудников
    Frontend Developer
    Июль 2017 — Июль 2018 (1 год и 1 месяц)

    Company Profile:
    A startup, forked from an event management company, focused on increasing audience engagement in offline speaking events by using web-based tools.


    Worked with a teamof 6 developers with an aim of fast product iteration and feature implementation in an client-oriented startup.

    Key Project:

    An interactive engagement platform, sold as a B2B product.

    Tech Stack:

    Javascript, angular 1.5x, vue 2, vuex, vue-router, socket.io.

    Key Achievements:

    - Porting angular 1.5 legacy app to vue 2.
    - Implemented architecture for client-side theming controlled by the backend.

  • Компания Альпари, ООО
    Специалист по контенту и локализации
    Август 2016 — Май 2017 (10 месяцев)
    Подготовка ежедневных обзоров рынка Локализации контента других аналитиков Подготовка еженедельных e-mail рассылок Участие в интернет продвижении для местного рынка Работа в CMS
  • Частная практика, работа без зачисления в штат
    Москва · От 1000 до 5000 сотрудников
    Январь 2016 — Июнь 2017 (1 год и 6 месяцев)

Высшее образование

  • РНИМУ им. Н.И.Пирогова

    Российский национальный исследовательский медицинский университет имени Н. И. Пирогова
    Москва · 44 выпускника
    Сентябрь 2001 — Июнь 2007 (5 лет и 9 месяцев)

Дополнительное образование

  • Binary District

    Курсы по новым технологиям, языкам программирования и управлению продуктом
    Blockchain Developer
    Январь 2019 — Март 2019 (2 месяца)