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О компании «Viround»

Develop your blog in a new social network, which is the future! Here you can become not just a blogger, but also a famous journalist. Publish news about what is happening in your city or even in a small village. Let everyone learn the truth from the lives of ordinary people.
Find new friends, relationships, and love in the "Looking for" section.
You can also take part in competitions right in the app and get the opportunity to win a gift from Viround or collect a cash prize.

Choose which competition you like, or take part in all at once:
Viround Tatoo Viround Voice Viround Food Viround Model
Follow the events around on Viround, then you will be aware of where parties, interesting meetings are taking place within a radius of you, or there are promotions and discounts now.

In one application you can find new friends, meet your love, follow the news, communicate and develop your blog. And you will also have the opportunity to read the news without censorship and share what is happening around you.
Viround has everything you need to communicate online, keep abreast of all events, have fun, and build a career.

Вакансии компании «Viround»

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