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О компании «ULV»

At the end of the twenties, against the background of a rapid new cycle of the bourgeois social model, purely based on hedonistic views, the inner need to embody the vision of the jewelry house was formed. Something of a challenge to social classes in which the future was a foregone conclusion - the creation of their own aesthetic representation of beauty through products made of precious metals.

The imaginary encasing individuality that dominates in the form of a central social idea, in fact, does not have the necessary originality and uniqueness. Taking into account this particular aspect, the main conceptuality of the brand was embodied in combination with a clear awareness of the nature and worldview of its own target audience, acquiring the jewelry pieces being created.

Extremely formulated requirements and aesthetic ideas about exclusivity, accentuated attention to detail, understanding the importance of environmental sustainability and sophistication in the everyday representation of elegance.

Absence of primitive pretentiousness, but the presence of prominent status - along with the idea of possible unique implementations of rough and at the same time high metal. Purity and expression of forms, close attention to detail coupled with extensive experience in combining technologies. Calibrated style together with unlimited knowledge of how to work with high-quality gemstones. All this is the personification and quintessence of our brand.

Вакансии компании «ULV»

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