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О компании «Playtronica»

Playtronica is an international studio dedicated to creating meaningful interactive audio experiences, in collaboration with brands, marketers, museums, galleries, and artists. 

Through interactive work, Playtronica aims to immerse people in a reality that fuses touch, sound, and technology. One where everyday objects take on new identities, challenging us to creatively explore the World around us and our relationship with it.

Technology is so firmly embedded in our lives that appliances and devices are fast becoming indistinguishable from what people see as ‘natural’. They’re as much a part of our modern environment as a tree, flowers, and birdsong. But our interactions with most technology is command-based. It’s purpose-driven rather than playful.For us, interaction eradicates barriers. A sense of play is crucial if we are to understand how the natural and artificial can live together in harmony. And the more we understand and experiment with them, the more positive our experience and relationship becomes.

Вакансии компании «Playtronica»

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