We are an expert IT recruitment company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

A deep understanding of the market situation up-to-date and expertise build on our experience gives us the right to declare to be the most effective and result-oriented company on the market.

Please check our services:

  • IT Talent Sourcing
  • IT Talent Consulting
  • IT Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Detailed Reference Check
  • Technical screening and interviewing on demand
  • 10+ independent Tech interviewing experts

We are sure that only humans can find the best people to work with people. We'd like staff your project with the best Ukrainian IT talents!

Quality, transparency, and immediate results — these are the primary goals and qualities of O2IT Recruitment.

Let’s negotiate!

Make an appointment direct with Renata Karpenko, Managing Partner at O2IT Recruitment.

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