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О компании «Muscarin»

Muscarin is a recently founded startup that is aspiring to put a dent in the universe by building an application that dramatically accelerates learning. We have already raised funding and started assembling a small senior team composed of some of the strongest developers in Eastern Europe.

We offer you: 

1. A CLEAN CANVAS. We are in the early stage of building an entirely new product from scratch, using cutting-edge technologies such as React.js and React Native. 

2. MASSIVE IMPACT. You will be taking on big responsibilities in a small and fast-moving team. The product you will be working on is bound to be a game-changer in education. 

3. HIGH SECURITY. We have a large capital cushion to sustain our operations for many years, even in the highly unlikely scenario of our earning zero revenues.

4. AN AMAZING TEAM. You will collaborate with the smartest (and nicest) developers you have ever worked with. We have arguably the most selective assessment process in all of Eastern Europe.

5. RAPID PROFESSIONAL GROWTH. You will enjoy unparalleled coaching from our senior developers and receive a generous education budget for conferences. 

6. FLEXIBILITY. We are a remote startup, inspired by Automattic and Basecamp. We regularly get together for retreats, such as skiing in Bukovel and kayaking in Berezinksy.

7. GENEROUS COMPENSATION. We aim to attract the very best, and we pay accordingly. In addition to a highly competitive base compensation, you will share in the financial upside.

Check us out at http://muscarin.com/hiring. If you are passionate about education, eager to turbocharge your professional growth, and excited at the prospect of having a transformative impact on the lives of millions of users, please contact us at hiring@muscarin.com and we will be happy to tell you more.

Вакансии компании «Muscarin»

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