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MirVracha (ООО МирВрача) operates the leading Russian-language internet portal for medical professionals. It provides innovative web-based solutions for medical professionals and life-science industry clients. Launched in September 2011, MirVracha (www.mirvracha.ru) is the largest portal website for physicians in Russia with over 230 000 registered members. It is rapidly evolving into a leading source of professional information and peer exchange for Russian doctors. It also provides innovative marketing support services (e-detailing) to leading pharma companies in Russia. In May 2012, MirVracha completed its first round of financing from investors totaling USD 1.4 million. Also in May 2012 it entered into a strategic partnership with M3 Inc., a global leader in innovative web-based solutions for medical professionals and the life-science industry. Leveraging the experience and know-how of M3 which successfully runs its business in Asia, the US and Europe, MirVracha continues to develop its business in Russia and other Russian-speaking markets. The core team of MirVracha consists of entrepreneurs, experienced business consultants, experts in the pharma industry, practicing physicians, and venture capitalists.

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