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О компании «Meditopia»

Meditopia is the most accessible and comprehensive way to achieve long-term transformation.The goal of Meditopia is to facilitate transformation, both in how you think and how you act. We aim to help individuals learn how to look at their thoughts from a more objective perspective in order to overcome oppressive and destructive patterns of thought. 

The intention behind each meditation we’ve created is to guide individuals in exploring their thoughts, their emotions, and how both of those impact their bodies. With each practice, we join our members in having the courage to face ourselves, honestly and with compassion.

“Our intention is not just to make people happy or relaxed, it is to help people enjoy experiences of self-observation and self-inquiry. To take action in life to teach their minds how to be more resilient, calm, and how to embrace life with their whole being----rather than fighting with life or themselves.” 

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