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О компании «Luciding»


Luciding is a service that immerses its user into a lucid dream state hassle-free every night he uses our headband device called LucidCatcher. It applies neurostimulation to induce lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is a hybrid state of consciousness where you can actually control your dream.

Use our app to monitor your brain activity, keep the Dream Diary and post your best practices to our Social Network of Dreams, decide what you’re going to dream about tonight with the Dream Plan inspired by the community of Lucid Dreamers.


It is hard to achieve lucid dreaming by yourself and it requires years of practice. With the device you can start exploring your dream world from the rst try. The time you’re asleep is no longer disregarded.

Unique selling proposition

• Patented unique lucid dreaming technology;

• Exclusive combination of Lucid Dreams, Entertainment and Wearable Technology;

• The only device that signi cantly increases lucidity hassle-free;

• Service for planning your dreams in Social Network inspired by Lucid Dreamers


At the neurophysiological level studies have shown that lucid dreaming is most prominent on subjects during stimulation with 25 and 40 Hz frequencies. Our own experiment came from creating a device, which detects REM sleep and uses 40 Hz frequency stimulation on subjects to induce lucid dreams.

Target Market

Our markets is somewhere at the intersection of these cutting edge growing markets:

• Sleep market (is now 65 billion and will grow up to 80 billion dollars by 2020) [Source]

• VR/ARmarket(isnow5billionandwillgrow up to 150 billion dollars by 2020 [Source]

• Internet of Things market (is now 60 billion and will grow up to 120 billion dollars by 2018) [Source]


Aurora Headset, Dream Stalker PRO, Remee – the devices train to distinguish the dream from sound or visual stimulation. No direct competitors. New emerging market.

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