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О компании «Inventory Planner»

Inventory Planner helps to better plan inventory needs, making best use of merchants’ time and money while they build their businesses. 

Inventory Planner’s founders, Oleg Smirnov and Elena Smironva, worked with local artisans where they lived in Nice, France to create online stores to complement their storefronts selling pottery. As mathematicians and developers, Oleg and Elena created the Inventory Planner to forecast customer demand. The first version forecasted total store revenue, but they quickly saw that the real need was to predict how many of each item was needed. The very first sale that processed online ran into a problem — there was no inventory available for that vase!

In 2012, Inventory Planner launched on the Shopify app store, quickly connecting with growing eCommerce brands to make better purchasing decisions. Today, Inventory Planner integrates with nearly 30 platforms. Merchants can connect multiple sales channels to see product demand in one place.

As a fully remote company, Inventory Planner team members currently reside in France, the United States, and Russia. Experienced in inventory planning, eCommerce, development, and design, the team enjoys working with merchants to build the best tool to save them time and money during the purchasing process.

The Inventory Planner team meets in person once or twice each year to plan, work, and spend time together.

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