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О компании «Ингстем-Казахстан»

We have been passionate about developing software for communications systems for over a decade now and have been following with excitement the growing trend that most Service Providers are now firmly embracing: of deploying software services in growing numbers on their networks. Whether for their own use in supporting customers, or as a way of offering customers additional features via their gateways, software services are set to revolutionize our Internet experience.

What is lacking, though, is a robust and extensible infra-structure via which services may be delivered on these networks. Monolithic code images are growing too large and standards bodies have only just begun to define more flexible ways of managing software stacks that are more functional and more dynamic than ever before.

Inango is the world’s first company to offer a complete, sustainable and highly cost-effective system via which Providers can manage a rich complex of services. Based on standards but extended where necessary, our Service Orchestration Platform offers Providers with a unique way of not only future-proofing their products, but improving their bottom lines in the process.

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