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The mission of GlobavendLabs is simple: we want to help good businesses, large and small, to take advantage of booming current global trading opportunities. We do this by blending our expertise in, and passion for, cross-border trade with our proven ability to develop smart technology solutions in supply chain, logistics and shipping.

Our experience spans continents, from Australia to the USA to Asia, including China, South Korea and Japan. We know what it takes to move products into and out of these markets, and we know how to adapt our solutions to suit the unique situation that any business faces when expanding into international markets. The quality of our work has been recognised by major players in global commerce.

And our commitment is absolute. We’re not doing this because global commerce seems like a good idea, but because we know it represents a very real opportunity for any business willing to take the step. We know that success depends on having a team alongside you – a flexible, responsive team who know what they are doing. We know what it takes, because we’ve done it before – and we’ve succeeded every time.

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