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О компании «GEROY»

GEROY is a different company!

The company was founded in 2010 and employs Internet experts in various countries. Our experience ranges from data security, access analysis, fraud prevention, application optimization to information on the protection of one’s own private household on the Internet.

Teamwork in the enterprise has already enabled the development of technologies that are used in most modern browsers today and have also changed the internet usage of billions of people worldwide, through constant diversification, the company has grown steadily since it was founded.

We are using the “Internet-Crowd-Intelligence” to improve our knowledge. We are watching the Internet Society to learn and become better. Every day! We make things heroic!

What can you get from us?

Well, actually we do not offer any public services. So we do not offer anything you could buy and you are not able to book any of our services.

Maybe you will find one of our supported websites or services somewhere outside on the Internet. These services will help you to find a perfect solution for your Privacy issues by using the Internet. Enjoy it.

What are we doing?

We are working together with outstanding and innovative companies around the globe “to make the Internet a safer place for everyone!”.

We are helping the Internet Users to prevent espionage and to protect their own Privacy by using the Internet. We believe that the Internet needs to be a free and open space for everyone.

Вакансии компании «GEROY»

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