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О компании «Foody»

Our business works in USA. But our HQ is located in Moscow (Russia). We've raised money from top Russian IT-entrepreneurs and funds. Mike Peregudov (Yandex.Shef), Slava Solonitsyn (MightyBuildings, $30m raised, YC alumni), Ruvento VC, etc., Alex Sysoev (№1 food expert in Russia).

About our solution:

On average every restaurant has 7-10 different suppliers. And it orders 100-200 positions every month. Right now there is no any tool that can help to track the prices.

Foody maintains entire inventory list at one place and sends orders to all vendors respectively (they don’t have to use several shopping lists and applications, just one). By collecting all invoices and extracting the data Foody tracks price changes, monitors payment dates and automatically pays suppliers.

For vendor the sweet part is that it gets paid as soon as it uploads the receipt (invoice). There is no any delay in payments. It will be paid by Foody and don’t have to charge cards, pay processing fees or at all worry about collecting payments, money deposited same day through ACH.

Вакансии компании «Foody»

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