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We are a fintech/regtech startup working out of our office in central Barcelona, Spain. We are building an innovative digital onboarding and KYC (Know Your Customer) management platform for financial institutions that will change the way they perform an otherwise tedious routines.

Our aim is to create a solution that streamlines all aspects of a KYC process, enables straight-through processing of KYC data by multiple counterparties and is by design secure, scalable, hassle-free maintainable and regulatory compliant.

We are entrepreneurs with 17+ years business experience from the fintech industry working with financial institutions, banks and financial software vendors. We are now creating a team of professional and passionate software engineers to help us bring our ideas to the market.

Positions on angel.co: https://angel.co/b4finance/Positions on our web page: https://www.b4finance.com/about-us

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