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О компании «Aleksei Dolgikh | Digital Product CVO»

❤️ Co-founded the glocal non-profit community unicornwitnesses.com to help people create socially relevant digital products. The community is growing fast, focused on digital government and creating the public good. Teaching free people to immerse themselves in the digital world using best practices from ITIL. Helped my mum to become a blogger and get rid of depression, now she writes every day about what she loves and is completely happy with her life!

✅ Innovate, design, automation and maintenance of quality processes in the teammate workflow: 60+ people in team creating 3 products, 13+ people in my quality team, 100+ business processes, 1000+ microservices.

✅ I have successfully implemented the requirements management system many times and convinced my teammates of its effectiveness in retrospectives and one-on-one conversations. The positive experience was evidenced by the decrease in lost context and the many times increased activity in the requirements management system.

✅ Setting up the release management process and API management

✅ Setting up the release management process and API management

✅ Quality assurance for customers interested in high competitiveness and reliability of their software and uninterrupted automated operation of all business processes

✅ Parallelization of all existing and new auto user behavior scenarios

✅ Development of cross-platform and cross-browser auto-validation (horizontal and vertical)

✅ Improvement of user behavior by means analysis of BDD scripts

✅ Building a behavioural map (similar to a site map) with the designation of critical places in the product

✅ Development of aids for test data management (creating fake media data for product testing)

✅ Finding and connecting to projects of popular open source solutions in automated testing (for mock, fake, and compare different media data type)

✅ Post Mortem - gathering after an incident (crash/bug) and thinking about how to strengthen some parts of the architecture

✅ Continuous checks of the viability of the sale and sending notifications to all interested parties to further motivate the quality team

✅ Continuous training of teammates

✅ Implemented the approach: "Requirements and Template Management System as a way to reduce the cost of risk

✅ Successfully implemented "workflow data as artefacts", "infrastructures as a code", "all key features as micro digital product" approaches into teammates' work 6 Scrum teams

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