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О компании «Adapty»

Join the future of mobile in-app subscriptions. Help thousands of app developers across the world better monetize their apps and build successful app business.

Adapty was started as an internal project for one of our older applications back in 2017. We've spent many months developing perfect subscription analytics and BI for our apps.

We're a team of engineers. We love tech, we love coding, we love creating things, and we love quality. The core of our DNA is getting things done and winning. We enjoy competition, complex challenges, and serving our customers.

Developers of all sizes, from $0 to $3M MRR, rely on Adapty to handle probably the most sensitive part of the app – payments. We appreciate this trust and do our best to help our customers grow.

Working with us means...

  • Working in a small top-level team. We're a team of 40 where everyone directly communicates with founders.
  • Owning your results. Fast. See the results of your work on real clients, have direct access to the customers and go all in.
  • Growing your career without bureaucracy. Low paperwork, no complex processes and hustle. It’s just you and your work – nothing in between.
  • Being remote from day 1. We’re happy to be a 100% remote team with the HQ in NYC. We don't care where you work from, we care about results.
  • Staying healthy and strong. We love sports and we’ll support your choice, whether it's rock climbing, triathlon, or any other sport.

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