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О компании «First Screen»

At First Screen, you will be part of a talented team working with cutting-edge technology and the latest digital products. As we spearhead advances in mobile marketing and service development, you will enjoy ample scope for growth and opportunities to develop and sharpen skills in this new and exciting field.

Our key values include:

  • Dedication — Games, m-learning, videotainment and more – we are into everything digital.
  • Exploration — We’re passionately curious about the latest tech developments to improve our work process.
  • Positivity — Our solution-driven approach enables us to overcome every challenge. Positive minds produce positive results.
  • No Nonsense — We adopt a disciplined, no-nonsense approach when it comes to getting work done.
  • Transparency — We’re a diverse team packed with talent, which is why we foster an open and straightforward environment that encourages sharing knowledge and unique experiences.

Вакансии компании «First Screen»

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