Обо мне
  • 7+ years of enterprise software development experience

  • 3 years of team management experience including technical mentorship

  • Exceptional problem-solving skills in diverse contexts from frontend SPA to multi-tenant reactive microservice SaaS

  • Experience working in startups and big enterprises

Worked with:

  • Java: Spring (MVC; Data; Integration), Hibernate, JEE (Serverlets, JSP), Camel, jUnit,
  • .NET: .NET Core 2, C# + ASP.NET 4.7, Identity Framework
  • Python: Django, SQL Alchemy, Flask, PipEnv
  • NodeJS: Express, Koa, Loopback
  • JavaScript:  Angular, Angular JS, Vue.js, TypeScript
  • FrontEnd: Webpack, Less, PostCSS
  • Microservices: Kubernetes, Azure DevOps, Service Fabric, GKE
  • AWS: Lambdas, EC3, S3, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy
  • Azure: Service Fabric
  • Message brokers: Kafka, AWS SNS, SQS
  • Testing and requirements: TDD, BDD
  • E2E Testing frameworks: Nightwatch, Selenium + Webdriver
Профессиональные навыки