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Software Engineer (java)


от 100 000 ₽

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Company that helps developers make the most of investment in development tools, platforms, and rich client applications

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

We are looking for the developer on a research project that we are doing for Cisco. The project developed a number of solutions to parse, analyze and visualize the log (text with a specific structure).
On this project there is no database, JEE, comprehensive frameworks, powerful platforms or millions of lines of code. Just Java SE, Fantom and, to a lesser extent, JavaScript. The project was made by us from scratch, it includes several separate components, some of which - in the public domain (eg, github.com/xored/peg). Work on the project consists mainly of extensions of old and new methods of analysis, analysis and visualization (Web UI) texts. Many problems require the construction and implementation of nontrivial algorithms in a fairly stringent requirements for performance / memory usage.

We expect:
- understanding of the theoretical foundations of programming (algorithms, data structures), the willingness to apply them in practice
- initiative, the ability to generate fresh ideas and implement them
- knowledge of Java SE
- English at a level sufficient to communicate with foreign customers

The advantage is:
- knowledge of JavaScript
- experience with regexps, context-free grammars
- experience with Jenkins, git, maven

What you get:
- agile development experience, together with remote teams
- freedom of choice of development tools
- you will not have to account for every hour of work. The result is important to us
results of your work will be used around the world
- opportunity to influence the work of the team or the entire company
- open system of remuneration