Backend Developer for Mobile Games (NodeJS)


от 2000 до 3200 $

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Описание вакансии

О компании и команде

Join our innovative team dedicated to creating captivating mobile games! We're looking for a Backend Developer to help bring our exciting projects to life.

The company is based in Dubai, UAE. The team is international with mostly remote developers

Ожидания от кандидата

  • Write reusable, testable, and efficient code & scripts
  • 3+ years of experience writing backend applications
  • 2+ years of experience with Docker Compose and other containerization solutions
  • Ability to read and write JS/TS, Python code, and shell scripts
  • Experience with NodeJS and GraphQL
  • Proficiency with sockets (WebSocket)
  • Experience with MongoDB and PostgreSQL (experience with other databases is a plus)
  • Experience with real-time multiplayer game architecture
  • Familiarity with game networking protocols and optimization techniques
  • Test-driven, documentation-first development approach (when appropriate)
  • English proficiency - at least upper intermediate

Preferred but Not Required:

  • Knowledge of game server hosting and orchestration (e.g., AWS GameLift, Google Cloud Game Servers)
  • Experience with backend services for handling player authentication, matchmaking, leaderboards, and in-game purchases
  • Understanding of scalability issues and solutions for high-concurrency environments in games
  • Experience with telemetry and analytics to monitor game performance and player behavior
  • Any blockchain experience, especially in event monitoring/aggregation

Условия работы

  • Develop and maintain the backend for mobile games
  • Integrate with external APIs and game platforms
  • Optimize the performance of backend services and databases
  • Write high-quality, maintainable code, and work with legacy code
  • Participate in the design and development of new game mechanics and features


☝️ Participation in conferences and team-building events

🎮 Immersion in the world of mobile games with support and mentorship

👨‍💻 Fully remote work from any location or hybrid

🌴 Traveling for team building and conferences

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