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Software Engineer, Fullstack JavaScript (Remote only)


от 1800 до 2000 €

Местоположение и тип занятости

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Baltic Software Development Center

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

We connect programmers from all around the world with our clients in Baltics searching for a outsource professionals. Our company is oriented to a long-standing collaboration with our employees.


Main responsibilities

  • Research, evaluate, architect and deploy new tools, frameworks, and patterns to build sustainable software solutions for our clients
  • Stay on top with latest technologies
  • Share knowledge and know-how of software best practices inside and outside the team
  • Work as a part of cross functional agile team acting as a single business unit


  • Experience in JavaScript/TypeScript development
  • Experience with at least one of the frontend frameworks (React, Vue, Angular or AngularJS)
  • Experience building backend services with NodeJS (Express, Koa, Hapi or Nest.js)
  • SQL/NOSQL database experience (PostgreSQL, Mysql, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch)
  • Experience with testing/static analysis tools (eslint, prettier, jest, mocha and jasmine)
  • Good knowledge of asynchronous programming, micro-services event driven development
  • Mindset focused on code quality.
  • Knowledge of design patterns, clean code and SoC design principles
  • Experience in Agile development environment
  • Fluent communication in English

Other desirable skills

  • Knowledge of mobile app development with React Native
  • Knowledge about app/package deployments (CI/CD, npm, yarn)
  • Knowledge of messaging technologies such as RabbitMQ, WebSockets.
  • Containerized application development/deployment (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Serverless development (AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, GCD Cloud Functions)
  • Experience with cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, GCD and Openshift.


We guarantee a solid salary in euros and paid vacation.

There is a possibility to finance training courses and obtaining certificates.

Short trips (up to a 2 weeks per year) to our offices and clients' sites could be necessary (if only Covid-19 situation let)