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Wordpress/Elementor developer | Project Base + Remote

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The Only Completely Online Travel Agency to Service Maritime and Corporate Customers right from Mobile App.

  • Fast Growing Start-Up
  • Profitable and Financially Stable
  • Competition Free Market Niche

Unique opportunities to join potential Unicorn at an early stage, Follow Our Openings.


Develop www.cteleport.com website using designs in Figma.

  • CMS: Wordpress + Elementor.
  • Platforms: Web + Mobile

The website has no payments, subscriptions, user roles (except for CMS) or
user profiles.

No design required - only web development, using Wordpress.


  • Full design is proided in Figma with components
  • Style guide is provided as a wiki page in Notion.io
  • Comunication via private slack channel. Weekly video calls to discuss
  • Migrate blog posts 30 from the existing page to the new website

Documents are not definite/final, but subject to iterations, improvements,
depending on the web developer suggestions




  • Technical
    - valid HTML, CSS, JS
    - no unnecessary HTML or CSS nesting
    - Re-use of CSS/JS/Elementor blocks when possible
    - Use of Yoast SEO plugin and fully suport it
  • Speed
    - Reach high Pagespeed score for web and mobile https://www.webpagetest.org/ - almost all criteria must be A
  • Content
    - Figma components must be created as Elementor components (where
    feasible). Taxonomy of the components to be confirmed with C Teleport designers.
    - All pages must have optimized social media pictures
    - As much as possible - retain the URL structure
    - The website must be fully editable: texts, images and order/positioning
    of Elementor blocks
    - Except for the parts that we agree not to make editable
    - Header/Footer menus must be editable or dynamically generated based
    on content - hardcoding is not allowed