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Lead Frontend Developer


от 150 000 до 250 000 ₽

Местоположение и тип занятости

Полный рабочий деньМожно удаленно


No-code платформа для трансформации и анализа данных.

Описание вакансии

Условия работы


Equity options are available. Founding team member status. Full-time, remote-first company. True developer-oriented culture, engineering is a first-class citizen, no managers, no bullshit data-driven decision-making. A modern technology stack. Work experience 6+ years. The salary range depends on skillets and experience.

What you will do:

You’ll be joining our company as an early employee with an opportunity to become a founding team member. We are looking for a self-motivated and self-driven person who is able to work independently and takes ownership from day one.

Key activities:

  • Participate in key architectural decisions, you’ll join our organization in its infancy and have an integral part over how the technology will be shaped
  • Collaborate with UX\Product team and take part in decisions about product features to create great users experiences
  • Develop graphically rich SPA Web application for visualizing structured and unstructured data, able to work both as web or standalone desktop app (Electron considered)
  • Ensure a truly interactive UI with sub-second responses even in the presence of terabytes of processed data using smart caching\sampling and WebAssembly technology
  • Build a reusable control library using modern frameworks (React \ Typescript)
  • Participate in designing client\server API and domain models (GraphQL\Hasura considered)
  • Ensure effective testing and CI\CD workflows for the entire application

    Required Experience

    • At least 3 years experience building React-based apps using Typescript
    • Good experience building large single-page frontend apps
    • Strong computer science knowledge, Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field
    • Good grip on functional programming design patterns
    • Startup experience is a bonus
    • Leadership experience is a bonus
    • Snowflake \ Google Big Query is a bonus

    We have a number of roles open, so if any of the below technologies suit your expertise, please also feel free to reach out

    What we do :

    Retable is a self-service data preparation tool built natively for cloud data warehouses. It allows building entire analytic workflows straight on top of data warehouses. No need for ETL. No data is moved around. No coding required.

    Retable makes exploring, cleaning, and preparing data for further analysis or reporting really easy. It is an intelligent visual tool with smart suggestions and types detection, so you don’t need to write code or SQL-queries to make complex transformations. Behind the scene, Retable executes native SQL within your cloud data warehouse leveraging the performance and scale of the cloud.

    Who we are:

    We are a team of seasoned founders, dedicated to building a modern data warehousing tool. We built a number of startups in AI\ML space and led teams to successful exits. Many of our previous early employees are now in C-level technical positions in top tech companies or started their own companies.

    You can read more details in Russian: https://retable.ai/frontend-developer


    • The remote-first company, work from anywhere in the world
    • Flexible hours
    • Equity options are available
    • Possible founding team member status
    • Modern technological stack, no legacy codebase or outdated libraries/frameworks
    • Work directly with tech-savvy seasoned founders

    Дополнительные инструкции

    You can contact us and read additional details here (in Russian): https://retable.ai/frontend-developer