IT Infrastructure Intern

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Условия работы

We are looking for bright engineers who are capable of or interested in designing own boards and compute solutions (e.g. based on Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any other DIY / embedded platforms)

Your responsibilities will include:

  1. Provide technical support to customers during whole product life cycle: pre-production and post-launch support
  2. Preparing and delivering technical and marketing presentations in remote (webinar) and face to face format
  3. Replicate customers' problems in lab environment and work to find solutions
  4. Enable customers with technical design documentation, firmware, drivers, etc.
  5. Visit customers across Europe and Russia
  6. Provide trainings on specific platform features or technologies
  7. Work with stakeholders (engineering and field sales teams) in USA, China and Europe


  • PC hardware familiarity (practical skills, theoretical base): motherboard components, CPU features, CPU architecture
  • Familiarity with desktop and server operating systems (Windows, Linux). Understanding of their structure, differences. Practical skills of installing and configuring them
  • Ability to build and debug typical PC and Server hardware, install operating systems including both Microsoft Windows and various distributions of Linux
  • Basic understanding of network technologies, protocols, topologies (TCP/IP stack, OSI model). Basic understanding of different physical connections (Wireless, FC, IB, Ethernet)
  • Practical skills of network configuration.
  • Well-developed logic and problem solving skills;
  • Strong presentation skills (this role will require speaking at conferences and seminars, training events in front of customers). Having strong verbal and written communication skills is a must
  • Excellent verbal and written English
  • Keen personal interest in computing and IT-related technologies would be an additional advantage

Additional skills required may include:

— Microsoft Windows / Linux Operating System administration
— Existing experience in system/network administration and hardware assembling would be an added advantage
— Ability to design hardware (schematics / layout / BOM list)
— Ability to do low level debug of BIOS / bootloaders and other firmware