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Junior JavaScript Developer

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Полный рабочий деньМожно удаленно


Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет

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Условия работы

Stealth Silicon Valley Startup in Research and Healthcare AI with 182M monthly visits seeking Junior Software Developers in our Devs Team.

Help us create next-level AI-enabled technologies.

Our fast-growing Silicon Valley company is currently seeking a Junior Software Developers to help us create AI-enabled research and healthcare solutions to service our partners and 182M monthly visitors, making us one of the largest Node.js® projects in existence. We create these solutions by uniting engineers who work remotely — collaboration through the cloud. You will work remotely, decide your own hours, and find self-fulfillment through results-focused work. Our developers spend only 2-3% of their time in meetings — most of their time is spent researching, documenting, coding, and building.

As a member of our team, you will need to be fiercely independent and self-directed. You will become obsessed with learning and personal growth, and will need to maintain high levels of self-discipline to avoid distractions atypical to the traditional office environment. Working for a startup is intense. Tasks will be ambiguous, and it will be up to you as the owner of a project to fully understand, research, and develop your solution. If you're highly motivated, versatile, smart, persistent, and a great teammate, we want to hear from you! 

You will:

  1. Develop complex and highly interactive web-based and desktop GUI applications
  2. Support and develop the existing codebase
  3. Develop and integrate server-side APIs over WS and JSON
  4. Write automated tests to ensure high-quality work
  5. Manage core library versions with associated documentation
  6. Perform code reviews
  7. Learn constantly

 We are looking for someone with:

  1. Experience using ReactJS/AngularJS
  2. Comprehension of ES6/7 and/or Babel
  3. Background with Node.js®
  4. Awareness of software architecture, design patterns, and OOP
  5. Experience in Agile development/teamwork
  6. Expertise in Git, bash
  7. Proficiency in written and spoken English

Nice to haves:

  1. Experience with: Python, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, or Babel, Meteor JS, Iodash, Gulp
  2. Awareness of Data Storages (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Druid.io)
  3. Experience in TDD, writing unit-tests
  4. Expertise in Azure/AWS/Dockers
  5. Understanding of machine learning/deep learning basics

 As a junior dev, you'll also have access to our internal bootcamp, where you can gain firsthand knowledge of the work processes our company requires in order for you to be successful in your position.

  1. Our bootcamp consists of 3 main parts:
    • Learning the theoretical concepts that support our codebase.
    • Resolving tasks from current projects.
    • Creating new projects entirely on your own.
  2. Depending on how fast you're able to master these 3 components, you can be assigned to one of our working teams in as little as 1.5 months.
  3. Junior developers start earning money from their first day of study at bootcamp

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, we encourage you to submit an application now.