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OneClass is the best place you have yet to work at. As a company, our vision is to make a positive impact in the field of higher education, do meaningful work, and have fun while doing it. If this sounds like your kind of company, please do read on.

OneClass is only as valuable as each and every one of our employees and everyone on the team contributes to the company’s success.

We are right now switching our application to React.js from Backbone.js. We like to stay up to date and ensure that we’re using the newest frameworks as well. For our backend language, we use Ruby and RoR framework with PostgreSQL as the main database. Also, we have secondary services that run on Python, Java and C++. For content search, we use ElasticSearch with custom analyzers. Our servers are hosted on AWS, and we also use other services provided by Amazon.

We are looking for remote Senior Front-end Developers to help take OneClass to the next level. You'll be joining a passionate team who loves solving challenging problems on a day-to-day basis.

►We're looking for someone with the following knowledge base and experience:◄

► Expert-level knowledge in HTML5 / CSS3 / JS 
► Experience with CSS preprocessors (SCSS, Less, Stylus, etc.), and CSS frameworks (e.g. bootstrap, zurb foundation, etc.) 
► Experience with React. We were using backbone, but currently shifting all codebase to React stack. Experience with Redux or other state management libraries is required.
► Experience with modern frontend environment/tools, such as: 
- Code bundlers (e.g. Webpack, Rollup, Browserify, etc.) 
- Package managers: npm, yarn 
► Experience with building isomorphic applications is a huge plus
► Experience with testing (Jest, Enzyme, Nightwatch, etc. ) will be a huge plus 
► Basic knowledge of RoR framework to make the integration process as easy and smooth as possible 
► Experience in debugging and optimization of high load projects, experience with solutions to improve page load speed 
► Good at building responsive design pages, and knowledge of workarounds for different browsers 
► Comfortable with tracking your tasks in bug trackers and committing to git( We are using Jira and git flow )  
► Good architecture sensibility and a passion for high-quality code
► Ability to communicate in English language

A clean resume is great, but we would rather hear about what you’ve built in the past, so make sure you show off your work and attach your GitHub profile!

Ideal Candidate:

► 3+ years experience 
► Someone who is extremely passionate about Development 
► Someone who can learn quickly 
► Someone who loves to learn and is always up for a new challenge 
► Someone who has a strong knowledge base in the above-mentioned technology stack 
► Someone who has built applications from scratch to deployment 
► Someone who loves working in a team environment

Please send your resumes to or