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Course Instructor for Fundamental Algorithm and Data Structure



Местоположение и тип занятости

Бандунг (Индонезия)Полный рабочий день

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

We are looking for a specialist, who is ready to go to Indonesia for 4-6 weeks. If you are ready to explore Indonesia and share you knowledge please, check our requirements. 

Must Have

• Proficient in using C/C++ or Python
• Topic included but not limited to:
o Data Structures: Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees, Balanced Trees, Stacks, Queues, Graph, Hash Table
o Algorithm: Binary search, Many Type of Sorting, Recursive algorithms, Towers of Hanoi, Breadth-­‐first search, Divide and Conquer
• Understand the concept behind Data Structures and Algorithm
• Knowing about best practices and common mistakes in Data Structures and Algorithm
• Ability to spot patterns in things then formulize things
• Software engineer that worked in production code for several years
• Having loud and clear voice with different and appropriate tones throughout the class topics
• Good presentation skills, e.g. not reading from slides, able to make eye contacts


• Know Data Structure and Algorithm implementation in Java or other languages
• Good in Discrete Mathematics
• Know about Bloom's taxonomy -­‐ Learning in action: Knowledge, Comprehending, Applying, Analyzing, Synthesizing, and Evaluating
• Have a broad way to explain things
• Believe in learning process over grading assignment
• Love to encourage student into creative thinking and question things
• Familiar with Java Script, Java, Golang and .Net


• Teaching about Data Structures and Algorithm fundamental
• Able to visualize and explain Data Structures and Algorithm in plain English and make a real world comparison
• Implementing Data Structures and Algorithm in C or Python
• Explain real world example and implementation of Data Structures and Algorithm and illustrate in several language such as Java script, Java, Go or .Net
• Never rush things until the concept is clearly grasp by the student
• Analyzing problem from competitive programing sites
• Work and grow with the student with student centric development in mind
• Solve every doubt and any silly problem or question from the student
• A good teacher is a good learner, so love to share learning experience
• Able to sense the mood of the class and do something about it, e.g. not paying attention
• Able to tell the student why they need to learn the things you teach

35-40 working hours per week

4 sessions per day

Max group: 10 people

Flexible dates, preferably starting from July.


We will provide you:
Financial compensation according to experience and skills, accomodation near the office, transportation within the country, flight tickets, visa, great opportunity to explore Indonesia. 

Дополнительные инструкции

If you want to participate in our project and spend your summer in Indonesia, please send me your CV and also your ideas about studying program.