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Client & Project Manager (English speaking)

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Mobile UX/UI and development shop. Design-driven engineering.

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My name is Nikita and I'm running Minimum — a nimble design and development bureau building digital products. We mostly work with US-based, english speaking clients, but not exclusively.

We have wonderful clients who's pleasure to work with, very interesting and challenging projects, great team and we need a great account / project manager to make sure we can scale without compromising the experience we provide to our clients.

I've been struggling to keep up with everything what is happening in the company and I need help. I'm looking for a highly organised person with excellent english to help me engage with clients and run daily/weekly/monthly tasks: make sure the information in the project management tools is up to date,  manage invoices and take care of communication with client, make sure client is aware of what's been happening, team is on track for delivery, prepare proposals for clients, run project documentation, etc. — in general make sure our clients are happy and our team is always on top of things.

A few hours a day should be enough in the beginning. We'll see how it goes further down the road. No fixed work hours — work on your own time, although it might be necessary to find some time during the day / evening (ECT) to communicate with the team and clients. On a rare occasion you might need to jump on a call with a client.

What do you need to work with us:

  1. Be a highly organised person;
  2. Not be easily frustrated by highly unorganised people;
  3. Be fluent in english — at least written.
  4. Have some experience with IT / digital production / project management.

Bonus requirements:

  1. Would be very beneficial if you've worked with US clients before or have worked in US
  2. Have some understanding of modern IT tech — no need to be able to write a code, but if would be great if you'd knew what Obj-C / Swift / Java is. What is the difference between the front-end and back-end framework, etc.


Monthly salary based on the tracked time (x hourly rate)

Flexible working hours

Result oriented management

Remote work

Дополнительные инструкции

To apply for this position, please write me an email to nikita@minimuminc.com with a story about yourself and your experience. Elaborate on your previous duties and what have you enjoyed / hated about them.

Also, please send me four examples of email to the client:

1. Remind David Hobbs (client of our company) of the invoice what is due tomorrow

2. Remind Robert Langdon (client of our company) of the overdue invoice

3. Arrange a walkthrough call with NYC based Michelle Wells — demo the most recent version of the app.

4. One of the developers told you he needs 3 more days to finish chat in the app and client is expecting delivery tomorrow. Communicate with client, adjust his expectations.