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iOS and Android Senior Developer


от 100 000 ₽

Местоположение и тип занятости

МагасПолный рабочий день


реклама в интернет, разработка сайтов

Описание вакансии

Условия работы

We are looking for an experienced iOS and Android developers to start up a new project, kind of simple mobile dating app.

If your have relevant experience at least 3+ years in mobile app development and ready to relocate to South Russia, Republic of Ingushetiya, capital city Magas, you are welcome. We'd like to learn your CV, portfolio and you must have a good command of English (Upper-Intermediate+).


What we offer you:

  • competetive salary and comfortable working and living conditions
  • safe, small and cosy to live in well infrastructured town - Magas
  • free of charge apartment in the center by foot to your office
  • direct 2 flights to Moscow everyday for 2500-3500 rubles by Pobeda Airlines or Utair (you can spend weekends in Moscow)
  • swimming pool, crossfit, bodybuilding gym close to your office and apartment
  • good cafes and restaurants, shops, cheap prices on fresh meat (unless your're vegetarian), fruit and vegetables
  • 1 hour by car to Caucasuan mountains (winter and summer resorts)
  • 3 hours by car to Tblisi, Georgia

Дополнительные инструкции

Contact us at murad@conusmedia.com