Team Leader


от 150 000 ₽


Разработка ПОPythonJavaScriptJava

Местоположение и тип занятости

МоскваПолный рабочий деньМожно удаленно


Описание вакансии

Условия работы

In summary about the vacancy:

- charisma and knowledge to lead a team of very competent developers

- Ability to think "architecture" and "scaling", for SaaS using Javascript, Python, Java

- Understanding of complex data structures and encryption solutions would also be important

- Even if senior, he should not be afraid to jump in and code himself (even the CEO does it :))

- Should be balanced and prudent to protect our customers from "cowboys" updates but, when necessay, adventurous and creative to envision non standard solutions and challanging the status quo.

- Better if he has worked at and grown with previous startups

- Should be able to read and fix other people's code, even complex open source libraries (e.g., jQuery)

Let me know if this is enough or you would liek me to send an email with this info.

We have office at Barrykadnaya/Kraznaprez. Flexible working hours. Can work from home 1/2 days per week. Has to speak some English.

Команда, которой он будет рулить, будет следующая:

8 people in Moscow

Javascript (typescript), Python (django)

2 testers (Javascript framework for autotests)

average experience 5 years

Team lead is very experienced and can tackle so many tasks, including DevOps, shell scripts, etc.

Our current CTO is in the Netherlands, very experienced, co-author of a data visualization book. 48 yo. Cannot move to Moscow so will stay with us as technology advisor.

1 person in India

Javascript, D3, data visualization expert

Just hired the marketing manager in London supported by an experienced digital marketeer in Bulgaria

Let me know if you have additional questions