DevOps, CICD flow architect


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Передовые технологии, масштабируемые решения, сложные задачи

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Условия работы

Our team develops software for startups of different scale, in our work we use CICD flow and it is crucial for overall efficiency of the development process. We are looking for an experienced developer who is interested in building systems of various scale and possesses relevant background in system administration, networks, devops & microservices.

Checklist of technologies we are especially interested in:

1. CoreOs

2. etcd

3. taurus (remote volumes)

4. docker

5. kubernetis / swarm / nomad (?)

6. container orchestration

7. continious integration & continious delivery

8. chat ops integrations

9. blue-green deployment & a/b testing

If you know most of the mentioned technologies, or analogues ones, you are very welcome to apply.

We are absolutely open to suggestions, not locked in any technologies and will be happy to share solutions that are currently implemented, and looking forward to improve current flow and extend functionality.

We are not interested in outsourcing this tasks to other agencies, so do not write on behalf of your company, please.