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Описание вакансии

Условия работы


Эта позиция в большой (10000+), интернациональной, логистической компании.

Эта позиция предполагает фулл-тайм релокацию в Эстонию, Таллинн. В Эстонии находится большой IT центр компании (один из нескольких), в котором работает около несколько сотен человек хардкорного IT бэкграунда. У нас есть успешный опыт найма сотрудников из России и Украины (более 25 человек) и организации их релокации вместе с семьями.

Для этой вакансии требуется сильный уровень владения английским.

Собственно, вакансия.


The clock tick of change is speeding up with every single day. As a result our organization is looking for new ways of maintaining competitive edge and expanding its market share in short, mid and long term. We believe that cornerstone need for maintaining competitive edge given our organization’s internal and external environments is to create, drive and execute value systems that will structure our organization around principles aligned to the future. Our organization sees a profound need for pinpointing and framing informational and IT context in new ways. Once framed we require radically effective ways of solving identified problems and making use of identified opportunities by using visionary thinking to outperform normative approaches.


This is highly technical role. Our initial understanding was that we are looking for outstanding profile engineer who can bring practical expertise in at least two fields from the list: software engineering, mobile, cloud, Big Data, advanced data analytics, API driven ecosystems, front end and usability, performance and scalability, or any other we are not aware about. However, we do not want to have rigid role definition for our open position as we are looking for the right people with outstanding IT skillset and certain way of thinking.

If you think that problem statement and work model we offer excites you and you feel you can make the difference – apply!

Endeavors of this role are to focus on IT readiness of our organization and considerable advancement of our IT backbone. For us IT readiness is a synergy of advanced, highly adaptable, seamlessly integrated IT ecosystem, and internal way of thinking - so that will be able to call ourselves leading company in the era where leading is not about being strongest, quickest or biggest but about being enabling, flexible, open and absorbing.

We have a set of meta-level goals for this journey that are abstract, philosophical and visionary in nature. At the same time, our strategic and tactical goals are extremely technical and hands on in nature. To some extent it is possible to say that we are going to perceive every problem as IT problem.

Our strategic goal is to ensure that our technical backbone is ready to provide solutions and support for requests coming directly from our forward-thinking projects.

One of the many examples of our tactical internal projects would be the goal to sharpen capability of our internal systems to completely automatically on-board our customers, which is today a time consuming and cumbersome process resulting in an unsatisfying customer experience. Ideally, once a customer has booked his first shipment, his profile data will be automatically transferred to all our systems without the need for any manual intervention.

How we work

Our team is not a code producing shop but there will be no single week without us writing code or preparing some higher level or more detailed prototype.

Ideal scenario of our work is when we come to our stakeholders and say “This is IT capability that you are not yet benefiting from but you should!”

More realistic example of how we work would be next: stakeholders come with new business model or solution proposal, we see that it depends on heavy data analysis capabilities of rich and complex data, so we ask ourselves: “Where do we find this data?” and we go and find it, “Is Big Data technology stack appropriate in this case?” and we go and build prototype, test it out and run series of presentations to educate organization about it, “What is the operational model in production for our data?” and we go and figure this out. Expect to have several of such requests in parallel.


Your direct manager has hardcore IT background. He earned his degree in Artificial Intelligence from University of Edinburgh. His academic specialization is in areas of machine learning and agent based systems.

He joined Citigroup’s IT Center of Excellence in Ireland. In Citigroup he worked in the role of Software Engineer and then joined first Big Data team within the company. He was part of team that built and brought to full operational power 2 petabytes cluster within 18 months.He was formally holding the role of Data Scientist executing and consulting numerous proofs of concepts targeted to get value from data.

After Citigroup he joined current company as Software Engineer very soon taking the role of a Team Lead and now formally leading unit focused on delivering IT aspect of brand new initiative within company. He is reporting to SVP who reports directly to CEO of the company.


In very broad terms you are expected to have outstanding and broad IT skillset, you are of producer rather than coordinator type (ideally both!), you have passion for enabling transformation and skills to execute it, you have big picture thinking and the right attitude.

What we offer

  • There will be a really exciting balance between analysis, prototyping, hands on IT tasks, hardcore IT tasks, research, strategizing, tactical solutions making, corporate stuff and simply making sure that at the end of the day things work
  • Opportunity to think about future and operate from the future point of view: be it short-term, mid-term or long-term future
  • You will be initiating introduction of top edge IT solutions, IT thinking and IT vision to the organization that is a leader in its business field
  • You will be able to influence IT future of the company and bring your vision to how this future should look like
  • Opportunity to work cross-function
  • Large community (it is almost 280 of us in Tallinn office) of IT experts
  • Highly competitive salary


Релокация: * покрывается существенная часть расходов, связанных с переездом Стандартный корпоративный набор: * покрытие расходов на спорт * 300 евро на новый телефон каждые два года + 50 евро в месяц на оплаты телефонных счетов и мобильного интернета * бесплатная парковка * бесплатные языковые курсы: эстонский, английский, немецкий * дополнительные отпускные дни по выслуге лет * дополнительные свободные дни по разнообразным причинам * масштабные корпоративные ивенты несколько раз в год Более эзотерические, но очень важные вещи: * несмотря на то, что большая корпорация, очень здоровая и живая внутренняя культура и отношения между людьми * очень высокий профессиональный уровень коллег * активное участие компании на IT сцене страны * осознанная открытость компании в плане инвестирования в развитие профессиональных навыков IT специалистов * по меркам местного рынка очень низкая текучка IT кадров